Stranded on a different, but familiar Earth, the Humans must repair their mothership and find their way home. However, met with resistance from the ecologically conscious Lansorians, they must go against their morals and destroy in order to save themselves and their people.












  • build the base

  • construct an army

  • pick your path


  • Choose your hero

  • Build an escort

  • pick your path



Both sides

  • scout enemy locations

  • react to enemy positions

  • Pick a new path, stay your course, or retreat from conflict


Both sides

  • Destroy the enemy!

Coordination is key!




Hundred of years in the future, the singularity has happened and the leaders of that movement, big privatized space companies and tech giants, profited massively on the culture shift. However, these industry titans were built upon visions for a brighter future. They took their massive profits and created a world where, for the most part, Humans can live their own lives without the requirement of grinding out a career, and android and robotic systems maintain the daily operations of Human existence and growth. Eventually, technology got to a point where the signals sent out were strong enough to be detected by neighboring sentient species. One, in particular, did not come in peace. It had evolved out of necessity for horde culture and consumption. They sent attacking forces to Earth, but without warp technology, were detected early enough for the Humans to mount a military defense combining cutting edge 3D printing technology and the M.U.R.I. program. Mass production of a smart robotic military, and spaceships that could print additional soldiers and fighters on the fly, allowed them to defend themselves against the attack successfully with minimal loss of Human life. In response, the Humans mounted their own offensive back to the enemy homeworld by tracking the energy signatures to figure out where they lived. Their plan was to destroy their space-based military and blockade them from further space manufacturing until a peaceful resolution could be established.

Humans had recently discovered warp technology and employed it to gain the element of surprise over their foes. They, however, did not have accurate intel of the enemy's fleet size as they did not want to give away their warp drive technology by scouting and upon attacking, were met with massive resistance. The fleet was mostly destroyed, but a few escaped, including one engineering class ship, the Archimedes. Its warp drives were damaged in the battle, but the crew jumped anyway, as the alternative was destruction. They reached Earth, but it was not what it was before.

The crew received no signals from operations nor did they see or register any of the space stations, manufacturing facilities, or moon bases. Worried that they may have accidentally time traveled, they used their sensors and telescopes to find that not only did they possibly time travel, which they could not determine because they jumped into an alternate dimension. This planet had not seen the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs and fundamentally altered the oxygen levels of the planet. Dinosaurs thrive on the western continents and somehow, a Human-esque civilization was still born out of this environment, controlling the eastern continents and having their biggest cities in what they know as Egypt and India. They have progressed far enough to employ energy based weapons while also running completely on renewable energy. These areas are far more lush with wildlife than they are on their Earth, probably due to a more harmonious cohabitation with the planet. The higher oxygen levels reinforce the notion that more plants exist on this planet and photosynthesize the environment more potently. This air is breathable for their Human crew, but only for a short while, else risking Oxygen Toxicity.

The Humans did not want to disrupt this planet's culture by showing themselves, but they had no choice. They needed to get their ship home to protect their own world and they had to repair their warp drive to do so. That requires materials that this planet has in abundance due to the fact that it hasn't been harvested at all. Upon landing however, they were met with immediate retaliation from the native forces. While the Humans are vastly superior in technology, the natives have tamed dinosaurs, which prove to be extraordinarily difficult to deal with.

Without a proper language to communicate in, conflict is inevitable. They will do their best to translate as fast as possible, but that will require prisoners and a lot of time with the AI, as it will require hundreds, if not thousands of hours of conversation to gain a full understanding of the language. This is the current state of affairs in Echo Star, as seen from the Human side.



The Lansorians are a noble, albeit, elitist people. Built upon class and an early understanding of genetics and evolution, they utilized eugenics to artificially evolve themselves into greater forms very early in their existence. This has split their species into three castes: The workers, who are bred for loyalty and obedience. The fighters, who are bred for physical characteristics, honor, and secondarily for intelligence. And the rulers, who are bred for intelligence, an obvious aesthetical difference to give them unmistakable authority, and ambition.

This alternatively evolved Human species maintained a very close relationship with their Earth. They believed the Earth to be a heavenly body built to nourish them. Their culture was very deeply rooted in seeking solace and answers in the ground. The Earth was always to be cherished and protected at any cost. To destroy the Earth was to maim God itself (God was assigned no gender, which bled into an equality-driven society). Harming the Earth was punishable by death to these people. This deeply rooted love for Earth gave them a lot of knowledge of evolution and how life worked, but severely slowed their access to astronomy, astrophysics, and flight. They essentially had a 16th century understanding of space and aeronautics. This is why the Human invasion was so surprising to them.

All of the sudden massive sky vessels descended upon their land. Built out of steel and iron, they looked like flying castles. Compared to their aerial vehicles, which relied mostly on animal power, they were extremely terrifying. Having not seen the Humans yet, they believed the owners to come from the Western continent of Dayano (which, due to a lack of mapping, is all of North and South America). Lansorians had ventured there many years ago but could not maintain a stable city as the local dinosaur populace kept destroying their farmers and gatherers. They abandoned their attempts at properly settling the area and returned home. They assumed disconnected populations of Lansorians resided there, but they could not reach them. They had no idea they were this strong. Fortunately, Lansorians did have their own weapons.

The creatures of their Earth were very important to them. They cultivated animal husbandry techniques that, over generations, were able to create loyal breeds of dinosaurs that gladly served as pets for their people. The highest of all were the Great Riders. These fighter-class Lansorians choose baby Tyrannosaurs during their childhood and raise them to adulthood, alongside themselves, creating a very deeply rooted bond between the two. Taking between 15 to 30 years to reach combat age, their fighting prowess is unsurpassed and what allowed the Andejé (And-Da-Jay) Kingdom to reign over the Eastern continent of Gebe (Africa). Over time, scientists did discover energy weapons that utilized solar power. Since they focused so heavily on solar power from the beginning of their industrial revolution, they were able to create much more powerful solar cells. So powerful, they could be used to create directed microwaves at enemies, incapacitating them, but not permanently harming them, or focused laser weapons for lethal attacks. During the night, they utilized battery clips.

While mobilizing their forces to prepare for an attack, scouts reported that the force looked very different from them. They were a few feet smaller and far weaker in strength, but had suits of immense armor and projectile weapons. They were also draining the primer right out of the ground and destroying the gold reserves. The entire populace was in an uproar about this blasphemic act of destruction. Primer was an important resource in their solar farms. They decided waiting was no longer an option and moved their force towards this unusual Lansorian species, ready to protect their home. This is the current state of affairs in Echo Star, as seen from the Lansorian side.