This massive community of gamers banding together to cheer on the teams they love, that are playing the games they love, is monumental and needs to be celebrated.


If you are unfamiliar with the term "Elo Hell" it is essentially the gamer equivalent to a "glass ceiling." Everyone has a slightly different and unique definition of the term, but they all generally agree that it is being stuck in a division and unable to get out.

This game is the story of breaking out of that pit and becoming the best in the world.


To properly tell it we are going to be doing a lot of industry research to make this a "based on a true story" style of gameplay.

Our core game designers, writers, and the rest of our team responsible for the representation of this community are either Esports gamers, hardcore gamers, or both. One cannot understand and represent this community while making it something you would all enjoy without being in it ourselves. That's what makes it so special, but also so incredibly difficult to represent.

This is a game of pure, unfiltered passion, for a community we love; and it just so happens we also are a game studio that can funnel that energy into a fan project about the greatness of it all. 


 As my favorite outro line goes for one of my favorite streamers/YouTubers, Gbay99

"Good luck in solo queue and have a wonderful day."


John Getty

Founder & Game Designer

Plat 5 Mid/Jg Main

Exato Game Studios