Apr 16, 2018


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Hello, people of ELO hell. I am turbozack, and I come from the land of voxel shooters. Figured I'd go ahead and create an account here (no matter how prematurely) so I'm comfortably set up, when this takes off. Can't wait to see how this progresses over time. If I can assist with anything, let me know.

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  • Here is our Discord channel link: https://discord.gg/D2thE8P Feel free to pop in anytime. We have dedicated fan channels live. This is the channel we use as a company to communicate with each other, as well, so we do have some rules you'll have to follow to ensure we stay productive. Those are all in the Discord itself. We probably won't be able to answer you with immediate frequency all the time, but we will be listening and popping over from time to time. Work comes first so you all have a game to play haha. We want to be as open and communicative with you all as possible and can't wait for the channel to fill up. It will be pretty light at first, but as we start making bigger marketing pushes, it should fill up more.
  • So uhhh... name's Ian, aka that guy who was hovering your booth at East for those 3 days. I remember talking about a Discord opening to the public soon, and I am consequently [impatiently] anticipating being able to talk in real time to y'all!
  • I figured I would go ahead and make the account. I look forward to seeing this game progress. I'll do what I can to assist, I'm rather busy, but this is worth making time for.