Meet Marcus Stewart AKA Brian Lawrence

What is the first thing you do when your alarm goes off in the morning?

Try not to immediately check social media.

What is your favorite color and how would you describe it to a blind person?

This will sound totally boring and/or goth, but black. Unfortunately, a blind person would already be intimately familiar with it.

What is something most people don't know about you?

I was a boy scout for many years. Started as a Webelo in 4th grade and “retired” as a Venture scout (basically harcore adult scouting) in high school.

What is the last book you read?

Console Wars by Blake J. Harris

Who is your least favorite superhero?

I love superheroes and comics in general, so even characters I’m not super enthusiastic about I’m at least ok with. I’d have to pick someone I actively dislike. I’ll go with the Arrow version of Green Arrow. Take this with a grain of salt as I’ve only seen three full episodes of the show and a bunch of random clips. But Green Arrow comes off as Batman-lite in the show. Like Bruce, he’s a brooding rich guy as opposed to the vulgar, smart ass Oliver Queen of the comics.

How did you get started working in games?

I studied game design in college. Attended for four years working towards a Bachelors, but during my last year I began writing game reviews in my free time. I realized I liked writing about games much more than making them and decide to pursue that head-on. I’ve been writing about games for eight years now for various outlets.

What part of the game development process would you like to know more about?

Probably something Nintendo related. They’re the most secretive company of all of secret-dom. I want a full-on, Double Fine Adventure-style documentary covering the entire development cycle of a mainline Mario or Zelda title. For example, I would kill to watch something like that for Breath of the Wild given how vastly different its design is from traditional Zelda.

If you could go back 5 years and give yourself some advice what would it be?

Take that next big step forward without fear or hesitation because tomorrow is not promised.

What is one of your favorite things you've created for Elo Hell?

Since I’m a voice actor, it’s been a fun challenge trying to develop a distinct personality for Brian in my performance.

What are you most looking forward to players experiencing in Elo Hell?

The breadth of variety in the mini games will be great for keeping players on their toes and constantly surprised.

What's your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy working with the other voice actors. It’s fun to learn from performers more experienced than myself, plus it’s a blast to play off of them.

From Previous Spotlight: What was your first job and would you still recommend it to people?

When I was 16 I worked as a bag boy at Albertson’s, a grocery chain that may or may not still exist. It was a solid start for broke high school sophomore. If you’re one of those, possess a burning passion for placing products inside of bags, and Whole Foods or Publix refuse to take you, there are worse places you could end up. Probably.

Pay-it-forward: What question would you like to ask to the next person that ends up in the spotlight?

What’s your favorite video game of all time and why?