Exato Game Studios invites you to join our 

Esports Partnership Program

Be a Part of Our Team, Officially!

Your team will be an official team in

Elo Hell.


Players all over the world will know your name.

Get in the Game

  • Your team can be selected in the main storyline - players will form an emotional attachment to your team.

  • You’ll receive special story attention for being a VIP early signee on our roster, and one of the lucky few to be given season 1 spoken dialog recognition and spotlighting in future seasons.

  • Your team will be an accessible team option in the Echo Star automated fake esports system.

Get Paid

  • We will create and sell special Elo Hell team products just for you.

  • All products will be created and supplied by us. We will work with your product designers to ensure brand authenticity

  • You’ll become a part of our profit sharing program, extend your branding, and receive revenue from sales of your team merch. We do the work, and you reap the rewards.

With your creative input,

we will create an episode of our micro-documentary

about your team as an

official partnership introduction

We will give you access

to our growing network.

  • Sponsors

  • Streamers

  • Press

  • Business professionals

  • Player recruitment talent

  • Other professional teams

  • Our BRAND NEW & growing EGS discord Community

Get Out There

Get Talking